Relationships can contribute to both the most enriching and joyful times of our lives as well as the most painful and challenging. Despite all of our education and life experience, rarely are we taught how to have successful, consistent, and committed relationships. Couples counseling is a great way to gain the skills necessary to feel safe enough to openly and honestly relate to one another. Through the process we learn to break old habits that are no longer working as well as develop new ways of relating and communicating. In doing so, couples take an active role in strengthening their partnership and enhancing teamwork and decision making skills. Whether you are just starting out or have been together for many years, couples counseling may be a great opportunity for you to enliven and enhance your romantic connection.

Parent Coaching

Raising children can be very stressful and put great strain on a relationship. I have extensive experience in providing parent coaching and working with parents so that they feel successful. Parents have good intentions and a desire to do a good job. I help you use your strengths as parents and help you to develop a unified vision that supports you in leading your family in a direction you feel good about. Together we explore “The Art of Love;” both in loving your kiddos and in loving and supporting each other.