Below you will find testimonials from Josh’s clients. Everything here is printed just as written by clients. Some are more formal and some are in the form of notes or messages sent directly to Josh.

 May 2014

Joshua Singer was a God send for me. After seeing another therapist for a few months, I felt that perhaps I was not a good candidate for therapy and really did not feel comfortable talking about my problems with anyone.

I am so happy I decided to give the therapy process another try, and very quickly became comfortable with Josh’s calming style and appreciated how he sincerely tired to get to know me better be in order to understand the various factors contributing to my distress. It turns out that my issues were a little deeper than just those obvious to me. This allowed us to dig deeper and discuss a strategy and make a real plan to bring me back from the edge — well maybe not really the edge, but back to the person I had not known for some time.

It was not easy, but it was so worth it and in the end, I looked forward to our meetings. He made me understand that I could do it, and I did! It was such a feeling of relief to get to where I am today. While I am so much better today, I will still likely check back in with Josh occasionally for a “wellness check” and to help keep me on track. I am so happy, so very happy. Thank you Josh.

— Female client

May 2014

Undergoing therapy at Counseling for Creative Change was one of the best decisions I made in seeking help. Throughout my life I have seen many different therapists to deal with my anxiety and trauma history with little to no luck. It wasn’t until I started seeing Josh Singer that I was able to experience a real positive and profound change. One of the things that makes Josh Singer different from my previous therapists was his ability to see me as a person beyond my problems. In previous treatment therapists have treated my symptoms, but after undergoing therapy with Josh for the first time I felt truly heard and understood by a therapist. With his help and guidance I feel like I have been able to take my life back. Because of this experience I have been able to achieve real happiness as well as pursue my goals and dreams. I would definitely recommend Josh as a therapist.

— Female client, age 26

 July 2014

You and what you do is so, respectfully appreciated. It’s been a rough week or so, but you’ve taught me the tools to, eventually, get through it. A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to express these thoughts. So…kudos to you my “professional colleague and sounding board!” You are very good at what you do, Josh. I hope you find a sense of fulfillment in helping others.

— Male client

 April 2012

We began working with Josh Singer to assist our son in the transition to adoption. Josh gave us the tools and helped us to make the changes necessary to provide a thriving and stable environment for our family. Our son has opened up, grown, and continues to make strides. He went from feeling ashamed about being adopted to feeling confident, strong, and matter of fact. He grew in ways we never thought possible and as parents we grew too!! Josh helped us create and foster a safe environment where questions are easily asked and answered. Our family is stronger because of our dealings with Josh Singer.

— A proud Mom

June 2011

Josh, Thank you for so many gifts you have given me. You have helped me find myself again. See those are strong words!! So true, I didn’t realize how broken I was until you helped me put myself back together. You are one of the kindest people I have ever met. I believe I can move forward, find independence, successfulness, and know I have a future. Thank you again.

Profoundly Greatful,
Female client, age 62